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The best and the brightest, that's what we deal with at Here are a few examples of how we are a cut above the rest.


From comprehensive SQL backbones to lightweight and portable databases structures like JSON and XML. We provide full support of data collection and dissemination, including enterprise real-time reporting.


If you are looking for a desktop app but want it avaiable on mobile devices, then you've come to the right place. We can develop desktop apps that will auto transform into mobile apps without the need of building additional full native mobile apps.


Interface is everything and with Xamarin we can develop apps that will engauge hundreds of device in their native environment. We build and test iPhone, Android, and Windows phone Apps seamlessly in unison.

Our Services

Technology advances at terrific rates and we thrive on keep pace with the advancements. As technology grows, our services grow.

Technology Consulting

Need an expert to get a project going in hte right direction. We can help!

Project Planning

We provide comprehensive outlines for technology and resource requirements.

Code Assistance

Need to bulk up your development team or contract aprts of the project?

Mobile Apps

Come and reap the benefits of Xamarin for your next Mobile project.

Cloud Migration

Experience the future of IT. Come and see the power of Windows Azure.

Database Services

Either traditional and secure SQL databases or lightweight and searchable document based databases. We can provide the database assistance that fits your needs.

Our Works

The following are visual examples of front end work. Please contact us for code samples.

Cleanroom Technologies

Servicing Pharmaceutical Industry

Johns Hopkins

Continuing Medical Education

Advanced Studies in Medicine

Medical Publisher


Retail Shopping App

Nutritional Consults

Health Education

Society of Hospital Medicine

Hospitalist Education


Multi-Device Dice Game

Playstation Experience App

Event Gamifier

About Us was founded by John Piesco. Mr. Piesco's involvement with business technology started in the late 1990's when Mr. Piesco was involved in the sales and marketing of Pharmaceutical cleanrooms, creating environments in which pharmaceuticals are manufactured. To aide in his sales and marketing endeavors John began creating CRM databases using ACT, then Access, and eventually building SQL databases. It was at that point Mr. Piesco chose to get involved full time in technology development. After returning to college and earning a bachelors degree in Information Technology. Shortly after graduation John went on to build a .net network for Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine initiative Advanced Studies in Medicine. Since that time John has steered through the development of vast amounts of technology servicing many different industries.

The following video is presented for entertainment. Watch as people perform beyond logical feats. Enjoy!

Core Values is a company that prides itself on meeting deadlines. We have the resources and experience to ensure deadlines are met. We also have a proven track record of meeting deadlines time and time again.

We also take great care to reduce redundancy. One concept we stress constantly is that of DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) programming. By taking an object oriented approach to development we are able to streamline processes and reuse code. We are not the only company to think this way but we excel at refactoring and minimizing redundancies.

  • Base deadlines on competent evaluations
  • Refactor and eliminate redunancies
  • Extensive testing throughout production
  • Strive to innovate
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Our Process

We work in Agile and Waterfall software development models. Here is a snapshot of our development steps before we hit the maintainence phase.














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